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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report tonight. a fox news weather weather aler. we are tracking violent tornadoes that have struck today in the midwest and the south and they have been deadly the national weather service reports 10 million people are in these storm's paths. tonight reports of deaths and devastation. in the words of one official in the state of indiana. one town of 1900 people is completely gone. of course, this comes just two days after a twister outbreak destroyed parts of the region. right now these dangerous storms are still on the move. new video just into fox news shows how powerful these storms were across southern indiana. homes left in piles of wood and metal. right now crews are searching desperately for survivors. we also have our first amateur video showing one of those
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huge tornadoes. this twister tearing through rural indiana. officials there say at least five people are now confirmed dead and the damage goes on for miles and miles. we'll have a live report from a storm tracker in the area now. first though show you exactly what we are talking about. a twister struck a high school in the town of henryville which is directly north of louisvilleville, kentucky. we are told there were people inside who got out safely. and in the nearby town of marysville, the sheriff's office reports there is absolutely nothing left. the storm also shut down cincinnati's airport, one of del taps major hubs. officials there say the fierce winds blue debris on to the runways and closed them down for an hour. slammed into the state of alabama. tornado slammed trees flipped trucks over and tore homes apart. tore down a maximum security
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fence. officials say no prisoners escaped. tornado sirens what i would and sent people racing for cover in the hard hit town of harrisburg, illinois. folks there taking no chances after a twister flattened that down on wednesday. at least three funnel clouds reported there today. it appears this time they dodged a bullet. let's start extensive team fox coverage tonight with our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center. this afternoon on "studio b" you said this looks like it's going to be awful. sure enough. >> tracking two cells. two tornadoes just to the north of the louisville area. and that is the images that town hen hisville and the town just to the east of it. six watch boxes in effect. two hours another large damaging tornadoes. after that the chance for smaller, potentially
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life-threatening tornadoes but not as much in the way of those incredibly large big tornadoes. these are all the watch boxes we have in effect. 12 a.m. eastern time. a ton of active tornado warnings. including to the south of the montgomery, alabama area. in towards northern alabama. chattanooga, tennessee which had a tornado earlier today which caused injuries and a lot of damage under the gun again just so the south of knoxville. if you are in nashville, you are in the clear. the front is moving off towards the east. anything behind it you are going to be okay right now which is good news. you can safely get out and assess any of the damage there anywhere from around lexington on, this is where stuff is firing, including now, shep, spreading into parts of west virginia, so charlestown, now you are about to be under a tornado warning here. so many people, such a widespread storm, certainly for this time of year. a big area, shepard from ohio down towards mississippi all under the threat of tornadoes. most of these cells today had
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been tornadic, just just hail or wind events. tornadoes. 67 reports of tornadoes just today. >> shepard: 67. explain to us what it is that causes some storms to have all of this circulation and some storms to just have straight winds? >> yeah, well, i will tell you you have to have the rotation. something that makes the winds at different levels in the atmosphere go in different directions. that's usually a jesus' jet strm coming off from the west and lower level circulation moving at a different speed and slightly different direction. that's what we had today. at this pointably, shepard, this time of year we have march storms. deep south and southern of tornado alley. this is your typical thing. take a look right here, kentucky and in towards tennessee. that's the bulls eye for today. and the storm prediction center say there is about a 30% chance of having a tornado within any 25-mile point right in that area. and this has been the bulls eye today.
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forecast has been very good. and i tell you last year, remember april 27th major outbreak and, of course, joplin that was impacted a year ago, so many people now taking this very, very seriously. and i think we have seen less loss of life today because some people were aware of this and taking all the necessary precautions especially with some pictures of damage coming out of damage. the spilkers really are incredible. rick reichmuth, thanks. i want to get to mike tobin. he has been covering the storms throughout the region and is on his way now to henryville, indiana. that's a rural town about 35 miles north of louisville. known as the oldest state forest and birthplace, of all of things, kentucky fried chicken founder colonel sanders. the national weather service is reporting what it calls extreme damage in henryville. mike tobin on the way. what do you know? >> you got this remarkable phenomenon that the national weather service just referred to as multiple vortex
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tornadoes with unique weather wr system. i was in 70 degrees in short sleeves one minute. weather system moves over me we have got on heavy coats and bundled up. i'm on the back side of the storm system where all the bad weather has just moved through. the issue right now is a lot of wind on the back side of the -- of the storm system. as far as reports of damage and whatnot, we have got reports that people are trapped in the rubble and henryville, marysville as well. but none of that can be confirmed for the simple fact that anybody who would be reporting that information would be working right now to get those people out of the rubble. so everything is very new right now. everything is very fluid. and a lot of concern -- well, concern i guess to some extent has been minimized on the back side of the storm. a lot of wind right now and the effort now is to take care of anybody who is out there who may be injured or trapped, shep. >> shepard: mike, these
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reports from -- we got the first report from a local official in a town i had never heard of at the time saying an entire town was wiped off the map. i remember that happening in towns of 1 auto, 200 people in very rural areas. then we got more information that told us almost 2,000 people live there. and it's gone. >> that's just remarkable. i have seen that kind of phenomenon before when you get the big ef 5 tornadoes. the homes rip down to the foundation. one thing that's very clear here is whatever tornadoes touch down, you will get the rankings later when the scientists are able to gather all their data. but you know it's a big tornado when you are talking about ripping into homes right down to the foundation, when you talk about wiping out an entire little town. >> shepard: mike, thanks so much. mike tobin. i want to read this press wire service story. this is the top wire service story from the state of indiana. listen to this.
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it's very short. authorities say tornadoes have left widespread damage in the southern part of the state of indiana. a sheriff's official in the town of marryville says our town is completely gone. and a national weather service official says there is extreme damage in henryville, officials have not confirmed any injuries or fatalities. the fact of the matter is they are too busy to be making reports. some brand new video has just come in of the twister that has hit henryville. here, listen to this. [wind blowing] >> multiple fors at vortex es. >> shepard: as you can see on the screen there, unless you
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are listening on radio, skip talbot of kdr media shot. this he was in henryville earlier. i know you have seen a few of these in the past but, man, what video. >> sorry. >> shepard: skip, you are live with us on fox news channel. we are looking at your pictures. what was this like? >> hi there, you can hear me? >> shepard: skip talbot, shepard smith in miami. you are on live with fox news channel. we are watching your video. tell us about henryville. >> yeah. that was one of the most incredible tornadoes i ever saw. it was multi-vortex very very powerful. >> shepard: sounds as if we have lost our connection. sounds like maybe you are back now. you said multi-vortex. tell us what that means and very powerful. i know the weather service and the local officials in henryville is saying there is severe damage. >> yeah, whenever you see a
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very large tornado, they can often have these multiple suction vortexis. in whenever you see that you are dealing with a very violent tornado capable of inflicting a lot of damage. >> shepard: were you able to get into henryville itself and see what happened there? >> you know what? we tried to chase the tornado north from our location, and the roads were just incredibly backed up with traffic. there must have been 20 or 30 emergency vehicles flying past us trying to get to the affected areas. they closed the roads down. we knew it was going to be a major disaster area. so we were not able to get within a few miles of the town. we aborted our chase and turned south after that. >> shepard: skip talbot on the line with us. the storm chaser who shot that incredible video. we are still waiting for reports from those two towns. we can't get reports out of there yet. they are having a very difficult time even getting
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necessary medical supplies and rescue people in and out. we expect to learn more during this hour. and we will take you to these very hard hit towns as fox report continues. on your screen right now, the watch boxes and the warning boxes. and if you are in any of these areas up and down the east coast, our meteorological office advises, please, stay tuned to your local know a weather radio. we are staying in contract with weather trackers. rick reichmuth with updates as they come in. we will bring them directly to you. a look at the state of the republic presidential race. [cheers] >> with super tuesday just days away, the candidates trying to get in some last licks. >> two thirds of governor romney's money comes from people who maxed out at $2,500. ours are from folks who give under a hundred dollars. >> i don't know if it's the
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president's promises over the past three years he hasn't kept up with them. >> tonight, a look at the campaign strategy and why ohio could be the pivot point that changes the race. a major vote inside iran and the supreme leader says the results could sing a strong message to the nation's enemies. plus, president obama on the nuclear showdown with the iranians and why he says i don't bluff. @@
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>> shepard: continuing coverage now of the tornado outbreak that has now stretched across six states. we now know at least 50 tornadoes have been reported so far today. further, we know that at least one entire town has been leveled and then there is the town of henryville, indiana. that town, the school took a direct hit. thankfully the people inside
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survived and a lot of folks came out to try to help rescue them. among them, jeff at the introduce ski a storm chaser with whom we were speaking on "studio b" this afternoon and is joining us now. jeff, it's my understanding you went back to henryville, indiana and ended up in the middle of a rescue effort? >> that's right, shep. we got there after the first tornado passed about a minute after it passed. we got into the exit, there traffic was packed up bad seen. five minutes into the search and rescue we had two tornadoes. the second tornadic storm came over centeredville. that second -- henryville, excuse me. henryville, at second storm hit t produced softball to baseball size hail. busted out every window in town. cars on the interstate. we had emergency workers taking cover from baseball and
7:17 pm
softball hail. there is no communications infrastructure. state police, state highway patrol. emergency emergenciment. i had the county commissioner telling me he is declaring a state of emergency for the city and the county. major disaster there. tornado i'm going to call it major. it's probably going to the ef 3 or higher. talked about a few minutes ago. video. tornado tracked up to maryville i understand maryville took a very heavy hit. i'm hearing all kinds of reports and i have been on the scene. i don't want to repeat anything. fatalities there as well as most of the town is gone. is what i'm being told. most of the roads are impassable. you can't get there centerville took a direct hit. heavy damage in centerville, the school that kids were in a part of the school that have after day class and 71 kids, roughly and teachers were this the one part of the school.
7:18 pm
and it collapsed on them. it knocked walls down. it threw buses into the school the kids were in an area and trapped for 45 minutes until the fire department and state police and locals come running in and we were able to find the kids in the school. and then we had to find them a safe place after storm two hit us and busted all the windows and patrol cars. fit people in another bus and emergency services. when the second storm come in and hit it knocks windows out. now they can -- we had to wait for the second storm to pass. then able to get the kids out of school to a safe place. search and rescue is well underway there. as far as can i tell you right now in henryville there is no fatalities. injuries there. they did sustain a direct hit from two tornadic thunderstorms that went over the area. >> shepard: dave live with us. we do not know how many people have been injured and how many people may have lost their lives today because there is
7:19 pm
simply no way to get reports out of towns which have been leveled. we are expected updates later in this hour and certainly throughout the night. we will take tout extreme weather center as conditions changes. tornadoes have not stopped. rick reichmuth says two more hours of severe tornado damage possible. we will get reports out of state of tennessee where there has been damage as well. and check with the storm chasers across the area. plus, updates from the extreme weather center continuing coverage throughout the hour. this is the fox report. america's choice for evening news on cable. we'll be right back.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the tornado outbreak across the country i said earlier that the number of tornadoes reported today had topped 50, we now know the
7:23 pm
accurate number is 74 reported. and we are getting reports out of the state of kentucky right now that storms are -- tornadoes are on the ground and damage is being reported in a number of different towns. we're now across at least six states. we're getting live updates from our network of storm chasers and our meteorological team is on 24 hour shifts at the moment. we will update you as news comes in the moment it does. first though, the rest of the news. and president obama with a message today for israel. we have got your back. that's from quite extraordinary interview really with the atlantic magazine. president obama spoke with the atlantic about the risk that iran's nuclear program poses to israel and the world. said when it comes to the idea of taking action against iran, quote: i think that the israeli government recognizes that, as the president of the united states, i don't bluff. i think the iranian and israeli governments recognize
7:24 pm
that when the united states says it is unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say. "that may be the strongest statement so far from the leader of the free world. and certainly a powerful one in that part of the world. we don't know whether that kind of assurance is enough to keep the israelis from striking on their own. israeli officials have said if they do launch an attack against iran, they will not warn the united states in advance. as president obama pointed out, all of this happening in the most volatile region in the whole world. wendell goler has the details from the white house tonight. wendell, the president and the israeli prime minister don't yet seem to be completely in sink on all of this. >> well, shep, the israeli press says prime minister netanyahu is hoping president obama will spell out the red line and would trigger u.s. military action if iran crosses him when the two meet on monday. the white house says there is still time for diplomacy to
7:25 pm
work but netanyahu said in canada today more talks with iran would be a trap. >> pursue or exploit the talks as they have done in the past to tee receive and to delay so they can continue to advance their nuclear program and get to the nuclear finish line by running up the clock, so to speak. >> the president says to attack iran right now would let its leaders play the victim after three years of convincing the rest of the world that they're actually the problem, shepard. as all of this is happening, iran is holding some really important elections in their country. iran's supreme leader says it's important to show solidarity at what he calls a time of a sensitive period. but, the state department says three years of nonstop crackdowns on iran's opposition to pretty much remove any doubt of what the outcomes of the elections will be. mark toner said, quote: we
7:26 pm
continue to call on iran to conduct free and fair elections that reflect the iranian people's will. however, based on past record and a history of fraudulent elections, we have no expectations they will be. the good news is that president ahmadinejad's supportersers have slipping and that makes likely he will be unable to hand pick his successor when his term expires next year. the bad news the people replacing his people are even more hard line than he is, shepard. >> shepard: wendell goler at the white house tonight. thank you. a dead heat in what the experts are calling the most important state so far in this entire primary season. polls show mitt romney and mitt santorum are neck and neck in ohio. but it's only one piece of a very big puzzle this super tuesday. a live report on that coming up. plus, continuing coverage of the deadly tornado outbreak in the midwest and the southeast. new reports of damage in the states of kentucky and tennessee. devastated towns in indiana. we will show you the locations
7:27 pm
being hit the hardest. we will check in with the fox weather center with the latest warnings as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox report. >> [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪ i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today
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>> shepard: just into fox news channel the ratings agency moody's has downgraded greece to the lowest possible level on its bond scale. moody's reports the risk of greek default remains high. even though the country recently secured a massive 144
7:31 pm
billion-dollar bailout. greek's violently protested that bailout because the government promised to slash thousands of jobs as part of the deal. greece downgraded again. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for breaking news. >> [inaudible] [wind blowing] what a funnel cloud. amateur video funnel cloud from pekin. indiana, two towns said to be wrecked. this storm system is colossal. tornado outbreaks from the gulf coast all the way to the great lakes. the danger is far from over. take a look at the scene in hard-hit bradley county,
7:32 pm
tennessee. homes and businesses damaged. the debris all over the place. jonathan serrie our correspondent was right up the road in del ino, tennessee. right along the national forest. moments ago sheriffs officers there forced our crew there to leave for our own safety. so he sent us this report. >> as you can see damage is heavy here in the community central tennessee the house once stood here ripped off the foundation. over here there used to be a barn completely torn to sheds christopher said he was sitting on his front porch when he saw the twister drop down from the sky and he ran inside as the tornado struck. what was it the t. like being inside a twister? >> very scary. you had no cover. nothing we could do. nowhere to go. just rode it out. turned into this. >> and you survived relatively unscathed but there were four
7:33 pm
other people in the house. how were they doing? >> hopefully they are doing all right. i mean, i carried everybody out the best i could. i got them to safety. i got them to the hospital. and went from there. >> certainly our thoughts and prayers with with them tonight. you will see heavy and sporadic damage throughout the entire state of tennessee. as you can hear, there are still more storm systems moving. in some very severe weather. it's not over yet. shep? >> shepard: which is exactly -- that's exactly the reason jonathan serrie and rest of our news crew had to get out of there. the storm just on the move. even as we speak. it's my understanding that there is a tornado on the ground that's been moving across the state of kentucky. and has done damage in town after town. also in eastern tennessee. southern indiana. down into the state of alabama as well. now, seven states said to have been hit at least at one point or another today. the number of tornadoes reported during this day alone
7:34 pm
has now topped 74. we're working to get in touch with a storm chaser who i'm told is in the middle of it all. because of that, it's very difficult to maintain connections. we are working to get that up. the moment we do we will take you back as the violent storms of the early march of 2012 roll on. it's too close to call that's what the pollsters are now saying about the battle for ohio on super tuesday. candidates rick santorum and mitt romney are in a statistical tie in the new quinnipiac survey. mitt romney has cut rick santorum's lead almost in half in the past week. 1/3 of ohio voters, a third of them say they could still change their minds. more than 400 delegates are up for grabs across 10 states super tuesday. the biggest one day jackpot so far. the state of georgia hats most delegates on super tuesday.
7:35 pm
analysts say ohio, a crucial battleground state is the most important prize on othe map. the two frontrunners are holding rallies there now and rick santorum is launching a new attack on mitt romney. campaign carl cameron live back stage at romney rally in cleveland tonight. carl, rick santorum is using some old video to call romney a hypocrite and it's powerful video. >> it is. you know, mitt romney has been attacking rick santorum and newt gingrich for that matter for cashing in on washington access on various levels they have been influence peddlers and taking money for home states, et cetera. well, a video taken of mitt romney back when he was running for governor in 2002 released by abc today talking about a different mitt romney talking about how he can use his access to powerful insiders in washington to bring home the bacon to the bay state. watch. >> i'm a big believer in getting money where the money is and the money is in washington. i have learned from my olympic
7:36 pm
experience that if you have people who knows how washington works and associations there you can get money to build economic development opportunities. >> santorum is not at all happy about having been tagged an an earmarker and big government pork bailer. he has described mitt romney's comments back then saying romney can be described in one word. here it is. >> hypocrisy. hypocrisy, pure and simple. i had a chance to talk to mitt romney in the building talking to folks in cleveland. i asked him about all of this and he had very forceful denial of wrongdoing or hypocrisy. watch. >> i wasn't looking for earmarks. i was looking for money. every governor, every institution goes to washington. talks about their needs. tries to encourage congress to appropriate funds in the
7:37 pm
normal process and that's how the system works. it's up to the government, it's up to the congress and the president to decide what the priorities are and to balance the budget. >> and, of course, all the candidates promised to balance the budget and they're arguing over who will cut the most spending. now this entire argument about what happened 10 years ago really comes down to character and integrity that will be up to ohio and super tuesday voters across the country to decide this coming tuesday, shep. >> shepard: you know, carl, the polls suggest that mitt romney is catching up to rick santorum in ohio. that's not the whole story of ohio. >> that's right. i mean, all republic primaries have two core constituencies that republicans are watching to see who they back. this quinnipiac poll shows that rick santorum has serious conservative support. in fact, among conservatives, santorum has a 13 point lead over mitt romney here in ohio. 40 to 27%. and then when you talk about tea partiers specifically, santorum's lead jumps up to 17 points over mitt romney.
7:38 pm
42 to 25. now, that base of tea party and conservative voters in the republic party certainly doesn't include the entire g.o.p. there are moderates. and where moderates are concerned romney actually jumps into the lead fully by 20 points. whichever candidate, santorum or romney win this it's in the margin of error now, it's a very big momentum builder. whoever loses it is in danger of being damaged legally crippled. shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron, thanks very much. we are getting word that a severe thunderstorm cell with possible rotation is working its way toward the montgomery, bam -- alabama area. there are concerns especially about on the lower part of that town, the southern part of montgomery, residents in that area are asked to take shelter and check your weather radio and in addition, the state of kentucky is having a very, very bad early evening across the blue grass state. a number of towns have been
7:39 pm
hit. one after another. reports of tornadoes coming down out of the sky in town after town. and at this time of the night, there is great frustration because you can't see them in large part. you can just hear them. and in many parts of kentucky tonight, many worries about what the next hour will hold. let's get to the storm chaser mark rutgers who is live in nicholasville, kentucky right now which is just outside lexington. you were all over the state today. tell me what you have seen. >> it's been a pretty crazy day today, actually. it started out this afternoon. just outside of lexington and headed down the blue grass parkway to elizabeth town and then headed north on i-65 to shepardville. and there was a tornado just to the west of there in fort knox, i believe. i have not had the opportunity to check all the different reports. what i have seen on the radar and reports there was a tornado in fort knox that did head toward shepherdsville. tornado warnings everywhere up
7:40 pm
and down i-65. i got caught in some pretty severe wind and rain along with hail up to softball size. the wind gusts had to be 60 to 70 miles per hour. made it down to elizabeth town and all the hail back up the blue grass parkway with a lot of damaging wind. some additional hail and a lot of heavy rain. >> shepard: it is astounding to see these tornadoes stretch across such a large swath of our country. when you talk about going from the gulf coast all the way to the great lakes, this is not a normal, early spring or in this case late winter outbreak. this is something the likes of which on a single day we haven't seen as long as i have been covering the news. that's at least a quarter century. it's definitely been an incredible day. i was told back in november of
7:41 pm
1974, and there has been a lot of talk that it was going to be similar to that i don't know -- fortunately it doesn't seem to have been as bad as what that was with the advances we have now with the technology. fortunately a lot of people have been able to be warned ahead of time. do i remember the storm in '74 louisville an hour west of lexington. it was definitely a touch and go type of day and very scary for a lot of people. >> shepard: no doubt. you are absolutely right about the number of lives lost and so many different occasions. remember one in north mississippi and that one you talk about around louisville. but the number of tornado touchdowns and the amount of destruction. thankfully in many cases it's our belief, at least, that most people were able to take shelter and lives were spared because of the technology that we are so fortunate to have now. i think tomorrow morning when we get up for "fox & friends" and see the sort of devastation that has reeked a whole line of destruction from alabama up through tennessee, kentucky, indiana, all the way
7:42 pm
to the great lakes, this day is one that may very well go down in weather history as something and for early march like nothing we have ever seen. a veteran war correspondent who just got out of syria says the violence there is unlike anything he has ever seen. >> [inaudible] the time for faulk is over and thought massacre and killing is at full tilt. >> shepard: today, word of summary executions, torturing of their own people. the government stopping the red cross from delivering desperately needed supplies. plus, continuing coverage of course of the storms hitting the midwest and the south today. storms are on othe move across kentucky and indiana. the damage widespread. we're live in the fox extreme weather center as news warrants on fox report. all energy development comes with some risk,
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7:46 pm
activists now accuse the government forces of shooting 10 people execution style. [gunfire] >> shepard: amateur video showing gunfire in homs, though we can't independently verify that rebel fighters have retreated from a former strong hold in the city. the international red cross reports syrian authorities blocked aid workers even from entering that neighborhood, despite word yesterday that the government would let them in. that convoy reportedly carrying food and vital medicine, both of which have been in short supply for many weeks now. we're also hearing from one of the journalists hurt in last week's rocket attack in homs which killed two reporters. here is what paul conroy told our sister network sky news. >> it's not a war. it's a massacre. indiscriminate massacre of men, women and children. >> shepard: today france
7:47 pm
joined list of embassies -- countries closing embassies. more than 7500 people have died in the violence. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt live in our new york "america's newsroom" paul conroy is painting a very powerful picture of what's happens in homs to hear it from the u.n. secretary general this thing is escalating. >> paul conroy's words were very dramatic indeed. this is a man who spent several weeks right at the heart of homs. the epicenter of the opposition, the epicenter of the syrian attack on what paul conroy said are innocent civilians. listen. still thousands of people of homs. people think they have all fled. they haven't. they are living in bombed out wrecks. children stuck to a bed. rooms full of people waiting to die. they are waiting to die. they see no relief.
7:48 pm
they see nothing other than waiting for the moment the soldiers go in or the shell comes through the door. >> paul conroy also paid tribute to marie colvin the u.s.-born journalist who died in that same attack that injured him and her colleague remi and there coming off the plane you see another journalist who was injured in that attack. that is edith. shes had h. a fractured leg and finally flown home to france today. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, i want to know about new concerns from the secretary general kofi annan. he is not one to speak in dramatic flourishes. so when he says the sorts of things you hear today, well, it means something. >> unusually blunt language from the u.n. secretary general bang can i moon who said that the international community has simply failed the syrian people. listen. >> it is time for the international community to speak with one voice loud and
7:49 pm
clear. continued no sign they are going to withdraw their support from president assad, shep. >> shepard: thank you very much. breaking now eight people are now confirmed dead in the state of indiana. now, there are active tornado warnings across dozens of towns including these very large one, vicksburg, mississippi, hat teaseburg, mississippi, rome, georgia, chattanooga, tennessee, gatlinburg, tennessee, charlesburg, west virginia. if you are in and around those town the national weather service warns you to take cover immediately. immediately. 78 tornadoes reported so far today, continuing coverage next. susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink !
7:50 pm
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>> shepard: breaking news as weather alerts are going across the united states right now. the death toll in the state of indiana is now at eight. we now have confirmed reports of tornadoes, the number of them today has now reached 78. active tornado warnings right now across many different areas, including a number of towns in the deep south vicksburg and hat teaseburg, mississippi. rome, georgia, chattanooga and gatlinburg, tennessee. tornado warnings now. plus charleston, west virginia. weather authorities warn you to take cover immediately in those towns. the storm chaser dan whitcher is driving near gel co, tennessee, which is along i-75. far northeastern reaches of tennessee, kind of above knoxville, he was all over kentucky and tennessee today and watched that massive storm pass right by him.
7:54 pm
tell us what you have seen. >> hey, well, tolerable rains. dangerous day for people across the country and for tennessee and these super cells that we have been watching on radar i mean, they are ridiculous. they are huge and a lot of rotation with them. >> shepard: have you seen damage today or have you been on the other side of these? >> i have actually been to the side of them. so i haven't seen any of the damage i did just come from a cell that we reported a strong rotating wall cloud and what looked to be a tornado which was then -- took out the power and it took out -- hitting hail right now. that was a pretty amazing
7:55 pm
site. if you had seen my live stream right now you can see what's going on. we are heading straight into the mouth of this storm right here. >> shepard: dan whitcher heading right into the hailstorm as lightning flaches. continuing coverage in just a moment. stay tuned. what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting,
7:56 pm
initiate, bill, and track work in real time. you can't live under a dome in minnesota, that's why there's guys like me. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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southern -- frantic search for survivors is just getting started. on this day in the year 1962, the basketball great wilt
7:59 pm
chamberlain stunned the sports world when he scored a record 100 points in a single game. he played his college ball at kansas. spent a year with the globe trotters before going pro. then chamberlain's first season with the philadelphia warriors he was an instant star. instant. rookie of the year and league mvp in the same year. he averaged more than 50 points and 25 rebounds a game. he later led philly to an nba championship and got another ring with the lakers. of course, in his biography he famously claimed to have slept with 20,000 women. wilt the still dropped 150 years ago today. now you know the news for this friday, the 2nd of march, 2012. shanks for being have us tonight. if you are in mississippi, kentucky, indiana, tennessee, west virginia, national weather service asks that you take good care this evening. it could be a very rough


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